Saturday, September 2, 2017

Medan: A Place I don't Call Home

Proud of being the third lagest city in Indonesia, after Jakarta and Surabaya, it fells asleep. It didn't realize while both cities mentioned last was racing to evolve themselves, it was going nowhere. The main academic institution -government university- is detriorating. Local high school graduates prefer universities in Java or overseas to the local ones. Art is undeniably forgotten and considered unimportant.

As an Indonesian proverbs says "like a frog in a shell", before I went out and lived in different sides of Indonesia I always considered that it was the best city in the world: the food had the most delicious taste, the people is the nicest and so on. I couldn't see that every place has its distinct characteristic which has positive and negative sides.

Though I was born in this city, I never felt alive in it. Ever since I graduated from high school I had planned to leave it. As time goes by, finding another place that I felt alive, knowing what I want in life, personal unpleasant experience in this city and in searching of a place called home, I realize that I don't belong to this city.

So.. Goodbye Medan. I wont miss u

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