Saturday, October 24, 2015

That Girl is Pretty

She may not be the prettiest
Nor she is pretty to every eyes
But she is pretty
Don't you think so?

You were looking at her
Admiring the sincere smile
Amazed by he attractive figure
A perfection from head to toe

As far far as the eyes can see
That's all that you know
What I'm going to tell you now
Might change or firm what you see

A free soul she has
A rebeller from heart
Not a place can keep it
Nor rule to govern it

She might not sing like an angel
But rythms and melody fills the heart
Nor she has wings just like angels
But heart of angel lies within

Though scars been carved
Rain of tears been hard
In Love she is still
Which covers the thrill

Behind the silent lips
Shouts the loudest mind
So if you think she is pretty
Say "hi" and strive

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