Monday, February 17, 2014

To Love Against Time

If you desire my longlife companionship
Would you ignore the time?
If you wish for me to stand by your side
Can I be the only one? please..

Time has been an associate of a broken heart
But a woe for a yearning one
It allies with impossibility
And becomes the partner of hindrances

"Rush!" it whispers
For life has only a little time
names and claims varies and scaries
bend the structure, warp the mind

How vulnarable a man's strength is
Or how hesitant a lonely heart is
Don't you know that love is beyond time?
And life is all the time?

Time stops the struggle
Time wins the battle between heart and mind
Time forces to betray faithfulness
Leave out oneness with proposal

                                               To those who can't wait
                                                                      A little more time and you might win a heart

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