Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photo Parade of Papua: Nature and Culture

Exotism is not the only word that can describe papua wholefully. There are so many aspects combined together that create this wonderful land. The beautiful panoramic nature consists of hills, mountains and valleys in the middle of the island while on the shore around it to the sea there are white sand beaches, magnificent underwater objects and rich varieties of fish. Both are challenging and luring at once.

In accordance with the contour of the land, the people that inhabit Papua are separated by the mountains and little islands around it. It construct different physical appearances and different cultures adapt to the nature. People that leave in a tree house in Korowai, a unique wood engraving from Asmat and tribal wars tradition in Wamena are some of the distinctive culture that can be found in Papua.

The combination of the nature and the culture makes Papua as a complete and uncomparable place. The special character of the land and the people should never be forgotten. Through photography may every specific and unique feature of the land can be captured and saved as a wonder of the world.

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