Friday, July 16, 2010

I Love Me Mentally

I'm sure that I am in good condition mentally. To keep being in good condition mentally is the challenge that we all have to face. I'm sure that all of us have to deal with different problems everyday, whether it is simple or difficult. There are many aspects in our lives that exhaust our thoughts and energy. Jobs, family, friendship, religion, society, etc. Each of them contribute in shaping our mental.

Through experiences I've learned so many things. When I graduated from university I have to be patient for two years until I got a job. After I got a job I had to fly to the other side of the country to settle in because I was posted there. Many times I have to defend myself against the people around me just because I have diferrent perception or principle about things. I believe that each of us has been through many struggles in our lifes. And for so many ups and downs, I thank God I'm still OK mentally.


  1. thank God indeed. it jut shows how mentally strong you are, being able to withstand the challenges that life throws your way :)

  2. every woman has her own strength to survive mentally :)