Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Galaksi Kinanthi: Describes Love Perfectly

Kinanthi and Ajuj are separated by destiny, distance and civilization for about twenty years. Nevertheless, the love that grows between them since they were children never dies. Kinanthi spends her teenage in Arab as a labor filled with struggle but ended in America as a beautiful, bright and succesful professor that her books and lectures widely awaited among the educated. While Ajuj spends his life looking for Kinanthi until he gives up and continues his life in his retarded village. In the end the destiny, distance and civilization inhibit their love to unite but kept inside their heart.
Tasaro GK (the writer) describes loves perfectly through the journey of love between Kinanthi and Ajuj. The comfortable feeling between Kinanthi and Ajuj when they spent their times together when they were kids started their love story. They didn't even know what love was but enjoyed each other companion. Even when Ajuj and Kinanthi is separated miles away it is described that Kinanthi is thinking about Ajuj all the time. The novels that she reads tells about Ajujs, the musics that she listens to chant Ajuj. All her 113 letters only addressed to Ajuj the only person that she cares about. While there is no doubt that the reason why Ajuj spends his life looking for Kinanthi is that he always thinks about Kinanthi.

It is the selfish character of love itself showed when Kinanthi asks Ajuj not to forget her and asks him to stay at the galaxy of love -dark area under the crux constellation in the sky created by Ajuj, later it is called the galaxy of Kinanthi. In the end both Kinanthi and Ajuj admit that the galaxy never dies. Ajuj will always be there for Kinanthi. Not waiting for Kinanthi but just being there for Kinanthi. Kinanthi and Ajuj could be happy with someone else but their love will be kept within. Something that I don't agree. Though heart is hard to manage you don't want your spouse love someone else but you and so does your spouse. Right?

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