Friday, July 2, 2010

Establishing My English

It's been a while for me of feeling satisfied for what I had and what I became. Felt so comfortable with the role I played and the position I placed. It was just good, not bad, not spectacular. An ordinary girl did ordinary things in an ordinary world. Just so me. There was nothing that I need to prove. Hell with accounting -I'm working as an auditor right now. That wasn't my life. I did my job as good as I could but I had another dream to fulfill. It isn't wrong to have a dream right?

For all this time my dream is to visit every part of the world and experience my existence being in different part of the world. I admire the remarkable work of the Great Hand of God that has created the universe. The human being with colorful and various cultures, the uniqueness and the beauty of the nature. It's been a kind of miracle for me to muse about it.

In order to reach my dream I need to move one step ahead. I bought English Grammar book about a week ago. I need to establish my English so I have to learn more. My goal is to pass the IELTS and get a scholarship to Europe. A leap to live in another part of the world and experience a different world with different human, cultures and nature. I affirm myself so my effort won't stop before I reach my goal.

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