Thursday, July 8, 2010

Donation of Hopes and Prayers for Serui

Earthquake stroke Serui on June 16, 2o1o at 12.16 WIT. Lots of damages and losts has been caused by the 7.1 earthquake in the town which lies in Yapen Islands north Papua. It is then followed by at least eight times aftershocks and a warn of potential tsunami. People slept outside the house in case if there was a bigger quake. Some people were reported missing. The beautiful beach town Serui was mourning that morning.
Therefore, an action was taken in many parts of Papua. There is a box of donation for Serui in a shopping centre. A few students stand in the middle of the street carrying box or basket of donation also. In my church, the priest -which is also from Serui- urged the church to help the priests and pastors in Serui by donating boxes of instant noodles. Than I bought to boxes of instant noodles and brought it to church so it can be sent immediately. My boxes and other boxes might not be able to return what has been lost in Serui. But along with those boxes attached hopes and prayers for the people of Serui. Prayers to strenghten them and hopes of a better future for Serui.

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