Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Barobbo: Friendship Corn Soup a la Macassar

Boil a little rice and plentiful corn seed, put mixed grinded onion, garlic and pepper into it. Stir for a while until it is blended. Include chopped boiled chicken and sauted shrimp. Stir again for a while to blend all the material. Add spinach, long beans, celery and leeks. Stir until it is well cooked. Serve it with corn cakes and fried onion. Add soysauce, chili sauce and crackers as you like it.
It was just another kind of food -though it was delicious and new for my tongue. What makes it special was the process and purpose of making it. Mix friendship, jokes and joy in the pot, while I was cleaning the corn, Mbak Yuni , Lala was chopping the leeks, Ratna and Putri were picking the spinach leaves, Imam was serving the syrup and grandis preparing muffins as the complementary. There was a comfortable feeling between the people around you.
Joined the food and the feelings together. Serve it with laughter and satisfaction. We got an extra ordinary barobbo for dinner. Enjoy the barobbo everybody!

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